About Me

Welcome to the Beautiful Train Wreck that is my life! I am the owner and creator of BTW, a mental health blog geared towards natural coping mechanisms as an alternative to prescription medication.

I am 26 years old exploring life on the west coast in beautiful Vancouver, BC. When I’m not training or lounging around at the dog beach, I love spending quality time with my people. Getting together with friends and enjoying a home cooked meal accompanied by a few stiff G&T’s is a night well spent in my opinion. Although I have to admit that a blurry night on the town dancing to grimy hip-hop is another fav pastime of mine. But let’s be real, who doesn’t like to indulge from time to time?

On the contrary I would describe myself as an introvert. My absolute favourite way to spend my time is by myself…weird right? Quite the opposite actually. I grew up my entire life dependant on everyone around me, my partners, my mom, friends, the list goes on. Only in recent years have I learned the true definition of inner peace and how incredibly satisfying it is to love myself entirely, flaws and all!

My Mission:

Beautiful Train Wreck focuses on natural coping mechanisms for those suffering negative side effects of medication to treat mental illness. My strategy involves a combination of diet, rest, exercise, communication, and self awareness. The goal is to provide a safe place for individuals diagnosed with Bipolar Type 1 & 2 and ensure they have access to natural resources and emotional support. I aim to share my personal experiences on my journey towards recovery while empowering others to redefine their unorthodox gift.

You’re probably asking yourself how someone could possibly refer to mental illness as a gift? Over the years I’ve battled the ins and outs of Bipolar as well as my insanely frustrating OCD diagnosis. The truth is, it hasn’t always been pleasant or even remotely glamourous. I’ve lost jobs, burned bridges, and contemplated giving up on life more than once. I’ve been hospitalized, put on harmful medication, and even had my fair share of arrests. It is these scenarios that have allowed me to gain strength in many areas of my life and ultimately gain control over my circumstances. I strive to share my success story with others in hopes to change the way our society views mental health as a whole.

Somewhere amongst the chaos I’ve discovered  that I AM capable of changing my story. I no longer allow my Bipolar diagnosis to control my destiny, I simply embrace it in all of It’s mysterious beauty! Using my drastically adverse moods to my advantage has proven to be a very successful method for me. I will admit it’s been quite the journey, and yet I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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